Be your own Muse

At MUSE, we believe that beauty should be defined by ourselves. No rules. No striving for perfection. No chasing imposed stereotypes. Inspired by Stefani, whose life philosophy is that beauty is about being unique, we created products to help you reveal your own uniqueness. To discover the joy of loving and freely expressing yourself. 

Our mission is to provide you with products that have clean ingredients, are easy to use, and have a fun packaging. And one of our key messages is to combine quality natural skincare with a responsible approach towards our planet.

About our founder

Each of us has our own story. Some stories begin with a dream, others with a struggle. For Stefani, the story of MUSE Cosmetics begins with both.

When Stefani embarked on her journey in the world of cosmetics, she was just a girl with a passion for natural beauty and a strong interest in preserving the environment. After facing a series of challenges, associated with the use of synthetic and potentially harmful products, she realized the need for clean, natural, yet effective skincare that everyone can access. After trying many products on the market, one day she simply said to herself: "Why not create something I would want to use?"

Thus, MUSE was born.

In her mission to rediscover natural beauty, Stefani is not alone. She joins forces with leading biochemists and cosmetologists who develop the lightest yet most effective formulas. While the technical knowledge and experience come from a team of specialists, the inspiration and innovative ideas come from Stefani. She is the heart and soul of the project, driven by her desire to blend natural beauty with scientific innovation.
The creation of the brand didn't happen overnight. Stefani dedicated over two years traveling to different countries, attending seminars, consulting, and having personal meetings in search of the most sustainable and innovative ingredients in their gentlest form. Throughout the process, the team performed numerous tests, accompanied by mistakes and countless samples produced, until they got to the desired formulas.

"The creation process was not easy, but each challenge made me even more determined to deliver the best. Every new test was a step towards my dream. A dream where everyone feels like a work of art. I wanted MUSE to inspire all of us to love our skin, to value it, and take care of it."

"Why 'MUSE'? Because I believe that every one of us can be our own muse without following boring standards. Our mission is not just to have smooth skin, but also to gain radiant confidence."

MUSE Cosmetics is not just another skincare brand. It's a movement inspired by the story of a girl and symbolizes how passion, innovation, and dedication can change the beauty world.

With MUSE, Stefani doesn't just offer products - she offers an experience, emotion, and the chance for each of us to discover our natural beauty and say, "This is me, and I love myself!".